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Melaka World Heritage Office Background

Melaka World Heritage Office Location

Melaka World Heritage office is a subsidiary of Melaka Chief Minister Department. Funded by The State Government of Melaka, the Melaka Historic City Council and the federal Department of National Heritage. Melaka World Heritage Office was established in December 2011, with the main role of protecting, conserving and promoting the World Heritage Site of Melaka.

The core function of Melaka World Heritage Office are to :
i.              Champion and representing the World Heritage Site and to monitor its state of conservation as required by UNESCO and ICOMOS.
ii.            Co-ordinate action, through the Conservation Management Plan and the Special Area Plan (Action Plan), to protect and enhance the outstanding universal values of the Melaka World Heritage Property.
iii.           Be a reference in the field of heritage conservation both tangible and intangible cultural heritage by developing and sharing specialist knowledge, setting standards for quality of work, providing advice and public consultation, promoting research and documentation and facilitating the conservation work and programme.
iv.           Built awareness of the World Heritage Site and to engender a sense of custodianship and secure long term support by promoting understanding and appreciation of its value and significance.

The board members of Melaka World Heritage Office have responsibilities across Melaka World Heritage Office’s main roles, in conservation, planning, education and training as well as business development to help generate income revenue through World Heritage assets.

Melaka World Heritage Office at present has a team of 5 full-time staff, supported by staff from our partner offices, Melaka Museums Corporation (PERZIM) and Melaka Historic City Council (MBMB), and a team of professional who sit as the Technical Review Panel for overseeing physical development in the World Heritage Site and the buffer zone.

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